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Updated: Jan 24

Keep scrolling to learn how to DIY this stunning macramé linen ladder for your home!

Photo Credit: The Sweetest Thing Shop

My New Obsession

As a fiber artist, I'm always trying to learn new techniques. Macramé was always something I vaguely used, but didn't fully understand. Eventually (like all other crafts) I became hyper fixated, bought tons of books/materials, watched endless YouTube videos, and learned everything I possibly could. Now I literally macramé everything! It's kind of an obsession!

For our pop-ups I often need an alternative to hanging items on a garment rack. Since I've been making so many beautiful table runners, I realized I needed it even more! It only made sense to use my macramé skills to create a boho inspired macramé linen ladder to hang my handmade textiles.

What is Macramé?

Macramé is a textile made with knotting (rather than weaving or knitting) techniques. It was long crafted by sailors, especially in elaborate or ornamental knotting forms. They used it for practical reasons as well as a creative outlet.

The primary knots of macramé are the square (or reef knot) and various hitching knots.

We will review some cornerstone macramé knots needed to create a linen ladder including: Lark Head's Knot, Half Knot Sinnet, & Wrapping Knot.

What You'll Need

Here is a list of all the things you'll need for this DIY project. I've provided easy shopping links to save you time!

Photo Credit: The Sweetest Thing Shop

Ready to Get Knotty?

Here are some image guides to execute the knots you'll use to make this ladder. Try practicing with some pieces of rope if you've never done this. If you're a macramé pro then scroll down to the 'Instructions' section!

Lark Head's Knot

Lark Head's Knot is how we "cast" on or begin. Simply take your cord and fold it in half so the ends meet. Lay the loop over your dowel/ring and pull the ends through. If the pattern calls for a reverse lark head's knot, do the same technique but in the opposite


Photo Credit: The Sweetest Thing Shop

Half Square Knot Sinnet

Hang two lark head's knots. The inner cords are your "filler" cords, and the outer are your "working" cords. Place the right working cord across the front of the center filler cords to the left. Place your left working cord behind your center filler cords to the right. Pull the right working cord through the loop towards the back and the left working cord towards the front. Pull tight for a half square knot.

Repeat the half square knot again and again. As you continue you'll notice the knots create a spiral shape or a "staircase".

Photo Credit: The Sweetest Thing Shop

Wrapping Knot

When creating the wrapping knot you need a separate cord. Fold the cord into a "V" shape with the tail sticking up. As you hold the wrapping cord and your remaining cords together, take the opposite tail and wrap it around everything clockwise. When you're done pull tail through the loop at the bottom. Pull the tail at the top of the knot up and the tail at the bottom down simultaneously. This will pull the knot inside the wrapped area. Cut both ends.

Photo Credit: The Sweetest Thing Shop



(4) 630"/17.5 yds Rope Pieces

(2) 20" Rope Pieces

  • Match the ends of (1) 630" rope piece. Pull loop through the wooden ring into a lark head's knot. You will now have (2) 315" strands hanging from the ring. (It's a lot of rope so you can make a bundle to prevent tangling).

  • Repeat so that you have two hanging larks head's knots hanging from the ring.

  • From those knots make a 12" long half knot sinnet.

  • Repeat with the remaining (2) 630" rope pieces so that you have (2) sinnets hanging from the wooden ring.

Photo Credit: The Sweetest Thing Shop

Photo Credit: The Sweetest Thing Shop

Photo Credit: The Sweetest Thing Shop

  • Split the strands in half and wrap around a dowel end. Using your working cords, create another half knot to enclose the dowel. Repeat on the other side. You'll have a triangle shape with two strands hanging.

Photo Credit: The Sweetest Thing Shop

  • Repeat this same action for each dowel rod level. I chose to do three but you can add another level if you need more length.

  • Use (1) 20" rope piece to bind ends together with a wrapping knot.

  • Trim left over rope. (Save it for your next project or more practice rope)

  • Find a beautiful wall to hang your amazing macramé linen ladder!

Photo Credit: The Sweetest Thing Shop

Take a Macramé Workshop with Us!

We teach a series of workshops hosted by the BEAD + FIBER store in Boston, MA. With over 12 years of design experience you'll be sure to learn something new from us! BEAD + FIBER is a women-owned and run company that serves the artists and makers of the Boston community by working with local makers and designers.

Check our 'EVENTS' page for upcoming macramé classes now!

Love Reading?

Interested in learning more macramé? Consider picking up some books about it. Here is our favorite pick: 'Macramé at Home' by Natalie Ranae. Bestselling book full of clear step-by-step images, projects, and ideas!

Photo Credit: Natalie Ranae: $12.39

Hope You Enjoyed This!

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